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Upholstered Door Panel Basic
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Basic door panel can be applied to any existing door, and does not require removal or modification of existing door hardware. It will fit over any flat or 6 panel door. Please contact us if you have a special situation. On a standard door, the panel leaves 4" of the door showing on the top, 4" on the left and right sides and approximatly 8 1/2" on the bottom. The area around the panel can be painted to match if desired.

Installation is simple- just attach the 6 mounting brackets to your existing door using the suppied template and hang the panel on the brackets.
Below are standard door sizes and the panel size that will fit properly on your door.

Door Size: 24"W x 80" order a Panel size of 16"W x 67"L
Door Size: 26"W x 80" order a Panel size of 18"W x 67"L
Door Size: 28"W x 80" order a Panel size of 20"W x 67"L
Door Size: 30"W x 80" order a Panel size of 22"W x 67"L
Door Size: 32"W x 80" order a Panel size of 24"W x 67"L
Door Size: 34"W x 80" order a Panel size of 26"W x 67"L
Door Size: 36"W x 80" order a Panel size of 28"W x 67"L

Please note prices are for one panel. If you want to upholster both sides of your door you will need to order two panels.  If you have double doors and would like the inside and outside of the doors to have panels you will need four panels.

Please measure carefully as we are not responsible for incorrect measurements.

Thickness of panel: 3/4"
Mounts to your existing door
Does not interfer with existing hardware
Made with custom tufted vinyl covering 1/2" of foam on 1/4" wood frame
Many different vinyl color covering options available
Custom sizes available
Lightweight 15-30 lbs.

Lead time is approximately 2 weeks.

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