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2 X 2 Star Ceiling

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2X2 Star Ceiling Tile
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They are made to fit a standard dropped grid ceiling.  Each tile has it's own static illuminator which can be tied together and run off a single low voltage transformer.  

When laying out an area larger then 4'X4'  an optional twinkle illuminator is recomended. Call or Email for pricing as it varies with the size of the area you are doing.

They come in 2'X2', 2'X4', 4'X4' and 4'X8'

The 2'X2' and 2'X4' fit all standard drop ceilings. The 4'X4' and 4'X8' will also fit standard dropped ceilings by removing additional cross members.

Star density is run approximatly 3 per square foot

The panels come in natural black enhancing the night sky effect.Don't have a drop ceiling see our Star Ceiling Panels. These 2X2 and 2X4 panels are only 3/4" thick while the larger panels are 1 3/4" thick and where designed to be able to be attached to any ceiling. Great to dress up an entry or bring a star filled night sky into any bedroom.

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